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We are going to introduce "Cold-water Ablutions".


    Cold-water Ablutions


    What is Cold-water Ablutions?

    Cold-water Ablutions is a method of bathing in water while chanting Buddhist Scriptures. Since ancient times, each religion has all believed that the water has its spiritual power to purify and to sweep away the ignominy of both our mind and body. Cold-water Ablutions has been practiced as a method of purifying the six roots of perception in Buddhism ever since old times.

    Cold-water Ablutions in Nichiren Sect of Buddhism

    Cold-water Ablutions is usually done by being struck by a waterfall or entering a river or the sea, however, the Nichiren sect of Buddhism has its own peculiar way of taking ablutions, and that is by using Cold-water Ablutions bucket to draw water from a basin and bathing in.
    The “Cold-water Ablutions Buddhist Scriptures” is the text recited when performing Cold-water Ablutions, and is also the key sentence that clarifies the purpose and main points of the prayers in Cold-water Ablutions adopted from the Lotus Sutra. Starting from Saint Nichizo, many of the traditions of the predecessors have been inherited and continued until now.

    Cold-water Ablutions stimulates the meridian of the bladder that flows through our back, moreover, it stimulates the meridian of kidneys that are yin-yang (positive and negative) -related, and hence increases the congenital energy. By doing so, the increased energy pours into the governor and conception vessels of the Eight Extraordinary Channels, realizing a stable state of both mind and body called “lower excess and upper deficiency” and also implementing a state of vigor between the two kidneys in the pit of stomach.

    Cold-water Ablutions experience course

    Cold-water Ablutions experience and prayer experience (1 hour in total)
    5,000 JPY / per person Offering to Buddha (any denomination)
    ●Things to bring
    ・ Bath towel (Please bring it only when you have a large number of people)
    ・ Swimsuit (Only necessary for women)
    Cold-water Ablutions experience video
    • 1.Reservation
      Please apply by phone and decide the date and time
    • 2.Visit the temple
      When you visit our temple on the date and time you reserved, you will hear an explanation of the Cold-water Ablutions.
    • 3.Change of clothes
      Loincloth, women should change into a white coat on top of a swimsuit
    • 4.Experience
      You will experience Cold-water Ablutions.
    • 5.Zazen (meditation)
      Change back into your clothes and you will then experience zazen (meditation) in the main hall.
    • 6.Prayer
      You will read and receive prayer in the main hall.
    • 7. Award
      You will receive a talisman and a good luck charm.

    ~Comments from people who have experienced Cold-water Ablutions~

    ・As soon as we started cold-water absolutions, it began to rain, and it felt very holy. I didn't get to be hit by much water where I wanted to, and I was confused at first, but I was eventually able to move into a trance like state. After the cold-water absolutions, at the center of my body was warm. The subsequent prayers were also very thorough and full of gratitude. I would like to do it again.

    ・I felt that the foggy feeling that had been irritating me from the inside was washed away.

    ・My body became warm. I felt very grateful.

    ・I had a wonderful experience. In the run up to a new life starting in April! ! I was able to receive a shout used in Zen during prayers. The prayer of the five practices made by the senior priest really permeated my body! I felt like I was straightened out. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

    ・It was a very meaningful time. As it was my first time doing something like this I was very uneasy, however when I started the water absolutions my fears were blown away.
    My heart and body became well.

    ・As I became a father this year, it was a good experience to cleanse my heart.
    After the water absolutions, my body became warm. The prayer was also very thorough, so it was great.

    ・It was hard, but by doing this, I found myself. I forgot to pray for something. I didn’t have time for that.

    ・I was indifferent during the cold water absolutions.
    However, my feelings after the end was something that I could not express in words, something akin to being refreshed.  Thank you for your prayers.

    ・I was indifferent during the cold water absolutions.
    However, my feelings after the end was something that I could not express in words, something akin to being refreshed.     Thank you for your prayers.

    ・It was the first time for me to try  water absolutions, and it helped my head to become refreshed. I feel a lot calmer.

    ・My sensibility trembled.

    ・My resolve was tightened.

    ・I was able to experience something that I would not normally do and was able to learn a lot.

    ・I felt very warm after finishing.

    ・Before I arrived, I was worried that I would quit several times as I was very anxious, however I thought it would be good to try. The anxiety about previous troubles or bad years that I had felt up until last year vanished. Thank you for your careful guidance.

    ・It feels as if the weight in my heart has been removed with water absolutions. I was also impressed by the prayers. This is the first time I have experienced the Nichiren Buddhist prayer, and it sounds very rhythmical. I learned a lot.

    ・The water was colder than I thought it would be, however it also felt better than I thought. It was my first time for me to repeat the Nichiren prayer, but I felt refreshed.

    ・As I was actually able to participate after understanding the meaning and difficulty behind water absolutions, made it all the more meaningful. I feel purified in my mind and body, and I am refreshed.

    ・It felt like my body was warmer after the water absolutions. I think I had a good experience.

    ・I was able to have a very valuable experience. After the water absolutions, my body gradually warmed up and I felt light and very refreshed. I'm really thankful to you. I would like to participate again.

    ・Very good! Beyond all my expectations! I would definitely come back.

    ・Such an exciting experience. In the beginning I thought it was just it was normal but in the end I really felt the warmth in my body and mind.

    ・I felt refreshed. I had a great experience.

    ・Exellent activity ! I want to come again in February!

    ・I was desperate for movement and I couldn't remember the words. I wanted to do it at least once or twice more.

    ・I was desperate for movement and I couldn't remember the words. I wanted to do it at least once or twice more.

    ・The was my first time to try water absolutions, it seemed to be easy with the movements leading onto manners and the way of doing things, I came to think about everyday anxiety and neglects.

    ・I was able to become into a trance like state.

    ・I felt that my heart was washed clean. It was a very good opportunity as I don’t have the chance to  listen slowly to the story in my normal life.

    ・My resolve was tightened.

    ・The water absolutions were very memorable, such as a powerful passage from the beginning to the end. I feel like I have come to a personal turning point.

    ・I felt like my heart was washed clean.

    ・I really want to come to winter. (It was April when I experienced it)

    ・I want to come to pray again.

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